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The Foundation Cleanse

The Foundation Cleanse

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"The Foundation" is an herbal combination known to clean the kidneys, liver and blood. Strengthen the liver! Cleanse the blood! These herbs provide a general cleaning to help relieve pressure put on the body that is compromised by pathogens and toxins. The blood is also compromised by an unbalanced water-to-electrolyte ratio, which is responsible for the electrical activity in cells throughout the body.

ULTIMATE Liver + Kidney Cleanser with Electrolyte Boost.

The Foundation Cleanse can be used by itself or in tandem with other herbal combinations in this shop. The more combinations you use together, the more you will cleanse the entire body down to the intracellular level.

Wildcrafted Organic Ingredients:

+ Burdock Root - Know to be a blood purifier, liver cleanser, kidney cleanser.
+ Yellow Dock - Know to be a blood purifier, liver cleanser, kidney cleanser.
+ Sarsaparilla - Know to binds with toxins.
+ Elderberry - Know to remove pathogens.
+ Hydrangea Root - Know to break up calcification.

New Safe Seal - Tamper proof packaging.

Drink 1 gallon of spring water daily, as well as maintaining an alkaline diet to achieve maximum benefits.

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