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Alkaline Fix Organic Sea Kelp

Alkaline Fix Organic Sea Kelp

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Sea Kelp freshly milled and carefully prepared for optimum potency. A natural source of vitamin A, B1, B2, C, D and E. An excellent source of vanadium, a rare trace mineral that promotes normal glucose levels by mimicking actions of insulin in the body. Try Natural Iodine raw Seaweed that contains Vital Nutrients, Improves pH, Thyroid Support, Increase Iron, & Bone Density.

+ Boost healthy weight loss
+ Aid digestion
+ Scalp and hair growth/repair
+ Optimum skin and nail health
+ #1 thyroid support

Derived from the freshest parts of the sea, Raw Sea Kelp is a naturally rich source of iodine which is a key component of the thyroid hormone that plays a role in controlling metabolic rate, growth and development. The iodine provided by Raw Sea Kelp helps support healthy thyroid hormone levels. Thyroid hormone helps to regulate the function of the energy-producing component of cells.

RAW SEA KELP CONTAINS 16 DIFFERENT AMINO ACIDS: Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein. By helping to boost the protein content in our body, kelp can help us in many different ways. Regulate cellular growth, support wound healing, supporting muscle development, supporting organ function, and a wide range of other necessary bodily processes that require proteins.


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