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Allergie Tea

Allergie Tea

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Congestion Support! Stop sneezing and running noses for good with this anti inflammatory allergy tea.

Seasonal allergies is also known as hay fever or seasonal rhinitis and can be a reaction to grasses and weeds releasing their pollen particles and even outdoor molds releasing their spores. Allergies can show up when the immune system is triggered into an allergic reaction response to an allergen. An allergen is usually one of these harmless substances that spark the immune system into overdrive.

We can rid these reactions with an anti inflammatory, electric herbal tea:

Itchy or red eyes
Runny or stuffy nose
Sneezing and sniffling
Sore throat

Organic Wildcrafted Ingredients:

+ Elderberry
+ Stinging Nettle
+ Ginger
+ Hops


8oz jar of herb
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