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Eva Salve

Eva Salve

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Original, soothing and nourishing Eva Salve. POTENT! PAIN RELIEF! Delight your skin with this Alkaline Electric Salve. Minerals absorb through the SKIN! Don’t stop with herbal capsules and teas. Serve your body externally with salves, oils and bath teas. Eva Salve nourishes and tones the skin. High in calcium, fluorine and potassium phosphate. Vital to healthy skin rejuvenation all over the body.

What is in Eva Salve?

★ Arnica - pain
★ Sage - cleansing, grounding
★ Shea Butter - nourishing
★ Lavender - soothing
★ Nopal - Anti inflammatory
★ Grapeseed - skin loving properties
★ Valerian - calming
★ Hemp - optimum healing properties
★ Nettle - high mineral, iron

Always Choose Alkaline!

Story of Eva - Dr. Sebi named his product after his patient.
Eva Britt could walk again after being in bed for 28 years. So let's just call this a miracle salve.

Got rid of Eva's cyst on her breast.
Got rid of one woman's hemorrhoid problem.
For rid of one dentist patient of lesions.
Helps treat all skin problems.
Helps soothe and treat pain.
Joint Pain
Scar treatment
Lessens face lines and wrinkles
Soothing and relaxing

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