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Heal The Electric Body Protocol **LIMITED OFFER**

Heal The Electric Body Protocol **LIMITED OFFER**

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HUGE SAVINGS! This deal can't be met anywhere!

Buy the complete physical binder PROTOCOL delivered to you + 60 days of Original Sebian herbs and tinctures for intracellular healing. This is extensive information, ORIGINAL golden knowledge which includes worksheets, recipes and self accountability steps to teach the Sebian way and heal the Electric body. There is no better compilation of teachings to exist currently. COMBAT AUTOIMMUNE, HERPES, WEIGHT LOSS, AND MUCH MORE.

Binder includes:

>> Day-to-day Protocol with Alkaline Recipes - Dr Sebi gave this exact protocol to Lisa Left Eye to cure herp>s. He helped Michael Jackson and even John Travolta with his knowledge of cell regeneration. The body WILL heal itself if it has the correct tools.

>> What is Alkaline Plant Food & the Dr Sebi Philosophy - Learn the depth of alkaline plant food and herbs to support the body.

>> Water, Protein, Nitrogen, Energy, Cleansing, Oils & Sugar - Understanding the body and your environment is the first step to understanding the ways the body can heal itself.

>> Detoxification & Herbal Healing - The state of your health today is a direct result of your food and your environment. Learn small steps to creating a new lifestyle and longevity.

>> Mindset Training - The Mind, Emotions & Natural Life Energy aka what you're thinking and feeling everyday has a direct and immense impact on the body and health. The mind can help manifest health, love & prosperity. We all have the ability and deserve to create unlimited abundance!

Herbs Included:

60 Day Viento Tonic

60 Day Iron Plus Tonic

60 Day Green Food Tonic

60 Day Chelation Tonic

60 Day Bio Ferro Tonic

60 Day Testo Tonic

60 Day Bromide Plus Tonic

60 Day Viento Plus Capsules

60 Day Iron Plus Capsules

60 Day Green Food Capsules

60 Day Chelation Capsules

60 Day Endocrine Capsules

60 Day Cell Energizer Capsules

60 Day Foundation Cleanse Capsules

60 Day Calcification Capsules

These herbs thoroughly cleanses the body on the cellular level, breaking down acid, mucus, toxins, and calcifications to rebuild and restore the entire body.

Heal The Electric Body!

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