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Iron Plus

Iron Plus

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Known to increase iron levels FAST with Sebian high iron alkaline herbs. Iron is a mineral that is necessary for life. It plays a key role in the making of red blood cells, which carry oxygen. It is also essential for brain cell development, physical growth, hormone synthesis and muscle growth. As it is the ONLY magnetic mineral, it is responsible for electrically carrying other minerals around the body. Our biggest deficiency is IRON!


+ Elderberry - Known to be high in Iron, removes pathogens.
+ Blue Vervain - Know to be anti- inflammatory, eases, stress, anxiety and nervous disorders.
+ Chaparral - Know to be anti-inflammatory, relieves respiratory issues.
+ Guaco - Known to remove mucus and candida.
+ Hombre Grande - Known to rebalance flora of digestive tract, cleanse blood, support immune system.
+ Bugleweed - Know to be antifungal, antibacterial, helps food digestion, kills parasites, prevents infection.

90 VEGAN CAPSULES!! New Safe Seal - Tamper proof packaging.

Drink 1 gallon of spring water daily, as well as maintaining an alkaline diet to achieve maximum benefits.

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