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Organic Wild Rice

Organic Wild Rice

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Alkaline Foods! Not only is Organic Wild Rice alkaline forming and high in magnesium which makes it an anti inflammatory food, it is extremely important and labor intensive for indigenous peoples of the Upper Midwest. When you buy our wild rice you are supporting your health as well as the history and traditions that come with the cultivation of this super food.

- Helps optimize digestion
- Promotes growth and repair
- Helps protect the heart
- Helps prevent aging
- Helps weight loss
- Improves bone strength
- Boosts immune system

Organic Wild Rice is an aquatic grass, not a grain, as is grows in shallow waters, though it is referred to as rice because it looks and cooks like the other grains. Wild Rice is the easiest of all rice to digest and contains no arsenic like other types of rice do.

Firm texture, nutty flavor.
Wildcrafted and 100% Organic

8oz Premium Grade Wild Rice

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