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Wild Blessed Thistle

Wild Blessed Thistle

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Blessed Thistle is an alkaline herbs that is high in iron and is used to increase circulation and oxygen delivery to the brain, to support brain function and to support heart and lung function. It's phytonutients support liver and gallbladder function and to stimulate the upper digestive tract to promote proper digestion.

Blessed Thistle is antifungal and is most popular for increasing and enriching milk flow in nursing mothers. It is also used to treat hormonal disorders that interfere with normal menstruation. Blessed Thistle is known to remove toxins, acids, and mucus for complete intracellular cleansing.

Wildcrafted and 100% Organic

90 vegan capsules
750mg per capsule

Drink 1 gallon of spring water daily, as well as maintaining an alkaline diet to achieve maximum benefits.

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