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Wild Quassia

Wild Quassia

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Quassia or Hombre Grande is an alkaline herb used as a decoction to treat digestive problems. This bitter herb is a good friend to have to fight intestinal problems. Quassia offers Digestive Support, Stimulates Appetite and is a Fever Reducer.

If you have problems digesting food, quassia can help to digest food better. It can also help to get relief from diarrhea caused by dysentery. This is a great way to make sure food passes through the digestive system at the proper rate to get the maximum nutrients from your food.

Its ability to improve digestive system makes it a good all around herb. In particular, quassia bark is a good herb for stimulating the appetite. While there are many people who do everything they can to suppress their appetites, there are cases when one would need to stimulate it. For example, for someone undergoing chemotherapy or radiation that is causing loss of appetite or suffering from another illness you may want to give quassia a try.

Wildcrafted and 100% Organic

90 vegan capsules
750mg per capsule

Drink 1 gallon of spring water daily, as well as maintaining an alkaline diet to achieve maximum benefits.

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